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Narrated by Liam Neeson, ROAD tells the story one family’s legacy and two generations of motorcycle road racers.

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NEW RELEASE: Jimi: All Is By My Side

It’s 1966. A then unknown Jimi Hendrix is touring a series of London pubs.

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NEW RELEASE: Yoga Radiance

Jessie Chapman, renowned Byron Bay yoga teacher and Australia's bestselling yoga author of four books introduces her personal dynamic yoga practice filmed on Byron Bay's stunning beaches.

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NEW RELEASE: Murundak: Songs of Freedom

MURUNDAK: SONGS OF FREEDOM, is a documentary following the Black Arm Band, a collection of Australia's finest Aboriginal musicians, as they take to the wide open road with their songs of struggle, resistance and freedom.

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NEW RELEASE: Pianomania

Introducing Stefan Knüpfer, a softly-spoken, bespectacled piano tuner for Steinway and Sons who just might be the most gifted musical talent in the world... even though he's not a musician.

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NEW RELEASE: Finding Fela

Synthesising percussion and politics, Fela Kuti is one of the most significant figures in African history.

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Hollywood it-guy James Franco delivers a knockout performance as Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Ginsberg - poet, counter-culture icon - recounts the road trips, love affairs, and search for fulfillment that led to his landmark, x-rated poem 'Howl'.

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date: 20th Feb 2015

tags: Activism

In 1996 during the Robert Menzies Lecture, then Prime Minister John Howard used the phrase ‘This black armband view of our history’. This was a phrase that would eventually inspire a protest music movement to adopt the name the Black Arm Band in order to protest Howard’s dismissive historical views on the treatment of Indigenous Australians.


date: 2nd Feb 2015

tags: Music

IT’S RAINING PLEASURE documents a four-night reunion of seminal 1980s Australian band, The Triffids, and an impressive line-up of guest singers and performers at the Metro Theatre during the Sydney Arts Festival in January 2008. It marked the band’s first Australian concert performances in almost 20 years. The four concerts were staged to celebrate the song-writing genius of The Triffids late lead singer, David McComb, who died in February, 1999.


date: 30th Jan 2015

tags: Music

On January 21, 1989, on the evening following the presidential inauguration, some the biggest names in classic rhythm and blues performed at the Washington Convention Center at the Presidential Inaugural Concert. The black-tie event would be a historical moment: an official inaugural event featuring some of the finest black musicians of the ’50 and ’60s from Stax and Chess Records including Bo Diddley, Percy Sledge and Carla Thomas, along with several hotshot Texas blues guitarists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan with Double Trouble and Jimmie Vaughan at the height of their careers. Features a six channel audio mix made from a simultaneous 24 track audio recording. A two-hour concert featuring one-hour of performances not included on the public television special.


date: 30th Jan 2015

tags: Comedy, Documentary

Jacques Tati, France’s unique master of comedy film, was a loner and did not belong to any school except his own. He kept his distance from other directors and from ideas like the cinéma d’auteur. Yet his four main features, made with meticulous care between 1947 and 1968, were created almost entirely by him, as writer, director and star. Tati invites you to see not the comedian, but comedy itself. That explains why he’s given us the adjective ‘tatiesque’ to describe the delicious absurdity of people behaving… well, as they do!


date: 30th Jan 2015

tags: Documentary, Music

Malice of Clipse called it “flawless”. DJ Semtex called it “perfection”. Lupe Fiasco said, “It changed my life forever.” ‘Time is Illmatic’ cemented Nas’ unassailable skills. It was his debut. He was 17. Witnessing peers succumb to drugs, prison and worse, Nas was the urban poet who elegantly elucidated the transition from childhood to manhood in New York’s Queensbridge projects.


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