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date: 3rd Jun 2016

tags: Activism, Environment, News, Wildlife

On Sunday the 5th of June, the world will celebrate World Environment Day. Get inspired and check out the best way to get involved through film.


World Environment Day 2016 aims to inspire more people than ever to prevent the growing strain on planet Earth’s natural systems. Documentary film can play a great role in provoking thought, overcoming indifference and inspiring action and our suggestions for World Environment Day 2016 include some all-time greats:

Best Documentary Academy Award winner The Cove is an alarming environmental thriller, which charts the story of an elite team of scientists, filmmakers and free-divers as they embark on a mission to expose a shocking secret. Bilby Brothers tells the story of an extraordinary fight to build a fence in one of Queensland’s National Parks to save the fast-vanishing bilby from extinction.

A Crude Awakening is an enlightening, insightful and profoundly shocking look into our most valuable, non-renewable resource: oil. Our ever-increasing reliance on oil has led to unprecedented global emission levels, while rising temperatures are causing glaciers to melt. Chasing Ice compiles years of breathtaking footage, providing powerful evidence of climate change in the Arctic as entire ice landscapes disappear before our eyes.

The impact of the Arctic’s ice melting on our world’s rising sea-levels is seen in The Hungry Tide. Here, one Kiribati woman has the task of alerting the world to the rising sea levels and threatened livelihood of 110,000 people in her sinking homeland.

Meltwater on surface of Columbia Glacier, Columbia Bay, Alaska, June 20, 2008

How can we respond to these environmental challenges? Frackman shows one man’s epic struggle against international gas companies; How To Change The World is the story of the pioneers who founded Greenpeace and defined the modern green movement. In This Changes Everything, director Avi Lewis suggests that  by changing a story we have told ourselves for the last 400 years, we may be better situated to address climate change and retain hope for the future.

World Environment Day 2016 is this Sunday, so why not invite friends or family over to watch a great film or two and generate some enthusiasm for environmental action.

Happy World Environment Day!


Written by Tara Janus





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