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date: 13th Dec 2016

tags: Documentary, Internet, Media

New Zealand journalist David Farrier discovers “Competitive Endurance Tickling” videos online. Immediately curious, he begins to investigate. Fit young men from all over the planet are being flown to Los Angeles to compete. Each is tied down to a bed, while the others take turns tickling them. Farrier and his friend Dylan Reeve look into this mysterious company; meeting participants who have found themselves subject to online harassment when they refuse to be tickled. The more they investigate, the stranger it gets, discovering secret identities and criminal activity…

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As Farrier and Reeve delve into this underground web of tickling, they find themselves facing private investigators and legal threats. Determined to understand the true nature of this tickling empire, their journey leads them across the United States. Through a series of twists and turns, the pair discover the shocking truth at the bottom of this tickling wormhole, braving threats and harassment from parties who didn’t want the enterprise’s seedy underbelly revealed.

“Tickled” was released to massive acclaim. Certified 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, and nominated for over ten major awards, this film has been admired by critics and audiences. Shedding light on a little known subculture, it also demonstrates how easy it is to produce and distribute exploitative material in the internet age. Anonymity – although often promised – is never a reality.

“Tickled” was funded largely through a massive Kickstarter campaign that drew great attention and media coverage. Actor Stephen Fry was a champion for the film, promoting the film and donating a large sum to the budget.

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