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date: 13th Dec 2015

tags: Animation, Children's, Documentary, Film

The true stars of the 1960’s hit TV series Thunderbirds, Sting Ray and Captain Scarlet reveal their on-set secrets in Filmed in Supermarionation. Jerry and Sylvia Anderson, pioneers of puppet animation on screen, take us behind the scenes of running the production company where these dolls came to life – from creating the film sets, explosions, flying scenes and fiddly facial and hand movements.


Director Stephen La Riviere uses a blend of stock footage and insightful interviews to paint a picture of what it might be like on the 1960’s film set. For the die-hard fans he has included some new material from some of the Thunderbirds old favourites with the original voice cast and a new plot line to boot.

The sense of nostalgia is immense and if you’ve seen these original shows you’ll love this documentary. It’s not often that an idea as simple as puppets caught on camera can blow up to be such tremendous success, with children huddled outside the studio to catch a glimpse of the filming of next week’s episode.

These original children’s television series set the early benchmark for what a production franchise could achieve and with advancements in technology and animation following, they are still fondly cherished by audiences of all ages, young and old.

Australian and New Zealand fans can rent Filmed in Supermarionation at Beamafilm.com or watch it for free with a participating library membership card.






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