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date: 29th Feb 2016

tags: Biography, Sport

Evel Knievel is the best known, and best loved, motorcycle daredevil of all time. Now, learn more about the wild life of this iconic man.

>> Watch “Being Evel” now.

Being Evel

Evel Knievel’s hair-raising motorcycle stunts took the world by storm in the 60s and 70s. He ventured where no stunt rider had ever gone before, breaking multiple records – and multiple bones. One of his Guiness World Records, as yet unmatched, is “the survivor of most bones broken in a lifetime” – a whopping 433.

Knievel’s life has already been the subject of a feature film, 1971’s “Evil Knievel”, where he was played by Beatle George Harrison. Now, Daniel Junge’s documentary tells the full story of this complex man. It is presented by Johnny Knoxville, actor, stunt performer, and Knievel super fan. Also featured are extensive interviews with Harrison, Tony Hawk and Travis Pastrana.

Here, you’ll learn the good, the bad and the ugly about this unique character: how he got his famous stage name, his stunts, his alcoholism, his affairs. And how this one man almost single-handedly launched the era of extreme sports.

You can watch “Being Evel” here.

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