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date: 13th Aug 2015

tags: Culture, Documentary, Music, Society

The final film in Penelope Spheeris’ ground breaking “The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization” is out now! In 1981 Spheeris explored the punk rock culture and in 1988 she turned her lens on heavy metal. In Part III, made ten years later, she delves into the harsh, anti-establishment world of “gutter punk”.

Decline of Western Civilization 3

In Los Angeles in the late 90s, hardcore street punks called “gutter punks” took the anti-establishment message with extreme seriousness, and tuned out of society completely. Spheeris interviewed homeless teens and youths, and others who have adopted or been affected by the gutter punk lifestyle. And don’t forget the music! Part III includes performances from Final Conflict, Litmus Green, Naked Aggression and The Resistance.

This fantastic documentary is a fitting but rarely-seen conclusion to a great documentary trilogy. It won the Freedom of Expression Award at Sundance Film Festival in 1998, and was critically acclaimed, but never saw general release. Now, for the first time, it is available on VOD.

You can watch “The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization: Part III” here.





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