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Ever since Hiroshima we’ve known the dangers of radioactivity. Its atomic potential, its deadly leakage, and the difficult issue of waste disposal, amongst other crucial detracting considerations. But could nuclear power in fact be the solution to global warming? Sundance Film Festival hit “Pandora’s Promise” makes a convincing argument supporting the view that nuclear energy, such as uranium, is in fact Earth’s greenest choice for an energy source. In “Pandora’s Promise”, director Robert Stone and his team of experts including Stewart Brand, Gwyneth Cravens and Mark Lynas set about proving that nuclear power is much more clean, and less dangerous, than traditional fossil fuels.


Considering some of the nuclear devastation our planet has faced in recent history, it’s understandable that everyday people are conscious of the risks of tinkering with nuclear energy. But even though the industry of harvesting nuclear fissures has had some pretty big setbacks in ways of its control and safety measures, it’s safe to say that our negative views are fed – probably disproportionately – by imagery of wars and atomic weapons, mutants, and carcinogenic contaminants seeping into our bodies.

“Pandora’s Promise” addresses catastrophes such as Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and more recently, Fukushima, and we realise that despite these disasters, fossil fuel industries such as coal reap a far greater death toll. Stone and his panel of experts educate on the benefits of nuclear energy as a major power source and comprehensively counter anti-nuclear positions, often posed against striking natural backdrops. Most resonant in “Pandora’s Promise” is the growing importance of green energy sources and the fate our planet may face if we continue to rely on dirty non-renewable energy.

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