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date: 15th Feb 2016

tags: Documentary, History

The London Underground: 402 kilometres, 270 stations, and 150 years of history.

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Secrets of the Underground

Founded in 1863, the tracks of London Underground, the world’s oldest metro system (and its third longest) are the veins and arteries of London. Every year, there are around¬†1.305 billion separate passenger rides. And in a city with a long, rich history, the Underground has its own secrets.

“Secrets of the Underground” started as a successful Youtube series, funded by the Londonist, with its original eleven episodes racking up over 1 million views. Each short episode, hosted by Geoff Marshall, explores one of the London Underground’s iconic lines, talking about its history and hidden treasures. Now available as a single feature length film, “Secrets of the Underground” includes brand new material, including an exploration of London’s abandoned and “ghost” stations.

Geoff Marshall, the engaging host, is a two-times Guinness World Record holder for “The Fastest Time to Travel to all London Underground Stations”. He loves the Underground, and is excited to share his passion with us. Did you know that in Paddington there are fake “houses” to disguise the tracks? Or that the so-called “lost” Westbourne River now runs in a pipe above one of the Underground stations?

Fans of history, travel, and of course, trains, will love this engaging documentary.

You can watch “Secrets of the Underground” here.





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