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date: 4th Oct 2015

tags: Culture, Documentary, Media, Sport

Just in time for the Rugby League grandfinal, beamafilm is bringing back the popular documentary Footy Chicks. An alternative look into the sport where sex, fame and relationships are explored. Check it out before the game this afternoon!


Off the field its anyones game. The possibility of sex with a football player is a fantasy for many women and a reality for some. Footy Chicks explores the scene off the footy field – a colourful world of sex, male bonding and the women who pursue them.

Both the women and the players candidly reveal how it can be fun, alluring and sometimes dangerous game. Footy Chicks is a documentary that delves into the unique world of football, sex and womens role in this world. For players the availability of sex is a constant temptation. The potent mix of muscle, testosterone and celebrity are appealing qualities that bring an abundance of opportunities for sexual encounters. But amidst the fun and games sometimes the line gets crossed.

Place into the mix male bonding, peer pressure, negative attitudes to women and vast amounts of alcohol and this alluring world can quickly turn dark. Both the players and the women will always test the boundaries but the difficulty often lies in knowing what the boundaries are.

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