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date: 23rd Jan 2017

tags: Sport

From the streets of New York to the trails of the Swiss Alps, from Sao Paolo to Paris, Peking or Sydney, men and women, champions or regular people… millions of us run every year. And yet, just 50 years ago, this activity was reserved uniquely for men and confined to stadiums with strict, backward and sexist rules. For the first time, FREE TO RUN tells the fabulous saga of running – a marginal, militant act that has become a universal passion.

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Born to Run

Running is one of the most popular sports of our time – both competitively and for recreation. An early morning run is the start to many people’s day. It’s almost unbelievable that it was once a fringe sport. Director Pierre Morath, a lifetime runner, was surprised – so he set out to discover the sport’s forgotten history.

“Free to Run” documents several stories from the running revolution: the tales of Fred Lebow, founder of the New York City Marathon; Noël Tamini, editor-in-chief of cutting-edge running magazine Spiridon; and Kathrine Switze – the figurehead for the wildly controversial women’s running movement.

Not just a sports film, “Free to Run” shows how running has been intimately linked with other popular revolutions throughout the twentieth century, particularly women’s liberation. This one will please sports fans and history buffs alike.






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