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date: 15th Sep 2014

tags: Animation, Drama, Fiction Film, War

‘Alois Nebel’ is a 2011 Czech animated drama film directed by Tomáš Luňák, based on the comic-book trilogy by Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromír 99. The film was first presented at the Rotterdam Cinemart co-production market back in 2009. Shortly after The Match Factory picked up the film for international sales.


‘Alois Nebel’ tells the tale of a Czechoslovakian train dispatcher who is haunted by the events in which he played a part during the Second World War. In 1989, just as the Berlin wall falls, Alois ends up in an asylum, but when he gets out, he has no job and can’t quite adjust to the new social and political realities. Just as he reaches the end of his tether, he meets a woman who might just provide the love and support he so badly needs.

According to the Variety review of ‘Alois Nebel’, Lunak occasionally spices things up with camera movements and possibilities only animation can offer, such as a sequence in which, during a backward-moving dolly shot, a station corridor changes into a speeding train.

Alois Nebel was also selected as the Czech entry into the 84th Academy Awards and won Best Animated Movie at the European Film Awards.

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