Caveman Calling

Pete is a fish out of water in the modern day world. He longs for a simpler existence without the trappings of city living. Set at his hunting ranch in the rugged North Island mountains of New Zealand, Pete takes an eclectic group of Gen Y characters, both men and women on a caveman adventure.

The concept of the caveman adventure is simple: Can modern man hunt in a pack with little more than a loin cloth, handmade weapons and thousands of years of evolution on their side? The question is also simple: Why would they want to?

Inspired by the belief that man is de-evolving, Pete is keen to change people’s perception of themselves. Caveman Calling delves into the world Pete shares with his wife and children off the grid in Wanganui. It meets the people who dare put their bodies on the line for this somewhat barbaric pursuit and attempts to understand their motivations for participating. An aircraft mechanic, an architect, a forensic science student and an industrial engineer are all amongst the would-be pre-historic hunters. All between the ages of 19-33 they have traveled the world to be part of this experience.

As pete and his band of hunters prepare for and eventually participate in this chaotic and archaic display of the evolution (or de-evolution) of humankind, we discover that often our simple desires can be the most difficult to obtain. The unexpected turn of events in the film’s third act (part of the beauty of ob doc) proves this to be true for Pete in his idullix existence as it is for the participants in the Caveman adventure.

With moments of hilarity, intrigue and adventure Caveman Calling plays the role of observer. Neither demonizing nor glorifying, this film explores modern human behaviors that will amuse, horrify, excite and challenge.

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