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date: 9th Dec 2015

tags: Art, Culture, Documentary, Film, History, Society, Travel


From critically acclaimed German filmmaker Wim Wenders, Tokyo-Ga follows the director as he travels to Japan to pay homage to his idol, Yasujirô Ozu. Ozu’s films such as Tokyo Chorus, Tokyo Story and Late Spring have had such a major influence on Wenders’ cinematographic style that he declares in the film that Ozu is “his only master” in this art form. 


Set just off the coast of sunny North Queensland, Palm Island is a tropical paradise. But its shady history sparks memories of Australia’s colonialist past; a darker time, characterised by racial hatred and persecution.


date: 30th Oct 2015

tags: Culture, Documentary, Film, History, Humanities, Religion


Alex Gibney, one of the most important documentary directors of our time, has fascinated audiences for years with films such as Freakonomics and the Oscar Award-winning Taxi to the Dark Side. But Going Clear is Gibney’s latest bombshell that has people talking. As an in-depth investigation into group psychology and cult abuse within the Church of Scientology, Going Clear is astonishing in its salacious detail. From the notorious ‘auditing’ and the crazy ramblings of the Church’s founder L. Ron Hubbard to details of the Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman divorce, Gibney opens up the mystery surrounding this aggressive and paranoid organisation and analyses the roles played by star Scientologists, Tom Cruise and John Travolta.


Ever since Hiroshima we’ve known the dangers of radioactivity. Its atomic potential, its deadly leakage, and the difficult issue of waste disposal, amongst other crucial detracting considerations. But could nuclear power in fact be the solution to global warming? Sundance Film Festival hit “Pandora’s Promise” makes a convincing argument supporting the view that nuclear energy, such as uranium, is in fact Earth’s greenest choice for an energy source. In “Pandora’s Promise”, director Robert Stone and his team of experts including Stewart Brand, Gwyneth Cravens and Mark Lynas set about proving that nuclear power is much more clean, and less dangerous, than traditional fossil fuels.

date: 3rd Aug 2015

tags: Art, Film, History

Picasso and Braque

Born at the same time as cinema itself and both avid cinephiles, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were pioneering figures in the world of modern art. With the Cubist movement they helped to establish the changing face of modern art forever. PICASSO AND BRAQUE GO TO THE MOVIES examines the possible aesthetic link between the advent of the cinema and the Cubist movement.


date: 14th Jul 2015

tags: Art, Documentary, Environment, History, Society


This week we have another film from legendary doco director Wim Wenders (Buena Vista Social Club). In The Salt Of The Earth we follow photographer Sebastião Salgado over a 40 year journey as he travels the world to discover the very best and very worst our humanity has to offer.

date: 21st Jun 2015

tags: Activism, History, War


In the latest film to beamafilm Emmy Award Winning Fimmaker Michael King follows an anti-genocide activist and a Holocaust historian tracing the lives of thirteen diplomats who saved tens of thousands of Jews during World War II.

date: 8th Jun 2015

tags: Folklore, History, War


Formed during World War 2 the Australian Land Army or more commonly known as ‘The Land Girls’ Was formed to combat rising labour shortages. These unsung heroes stayed and fought for their country by keeping Australian alive and running.

date: 1st Jun 2015

tags: Animation, Folklore, History


Not all Fairy Tales are for children. This 10 part short doco covers the stories behind some of the most famous fairy tales in existence revealing their dark origin stories.

date: 29th May 2015

tags: Architecture, Documentary, History


In 1957 legendary architect Jorn Utzon won a prize like no other, he landed the job of transforming Sydney’s Circular Quay into the iconic destination it is now known for today. He won the chance to design the iconic Sydney Opera House.





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