date: 30th Jun 2016

tags: Activism, Documentary

The Hunting Ground

“The Hunting Ground” explores the US college culture of sexual violence and institutional cover ups as a group of college women uncover the truth and fight for justice.

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date: 20th Jun 2016

tags: Activism, Politics, Refugee


Today is World Refugee Day and the beginning of Refugee Week in Australia. It is a time to reflect on the challenges faced by refugees and the courage they demonstrate in overcoming them.


date: 15th Jun 2016

tags: Activism, Documentary, Law


On November 23rd 2012, Jordan Davis, a black 17 year-old, and his friends pulled into a gas station. Three and a half minutes later, ten shots had been fired.

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date: 3rd Jun 2016

tags: Activism, Environment, News, Wildlife


On Sunday the 5th of June, the world will celebrate World Environment Day. Get inspired and check out the best way to get involved through film.


date: 26th May 2016

tags: Activism


Filmed over three years and amassing more than 250 hours of footage, “The Triangle Wars” presents the story of a plan to develop a community’s beloved foreshore car-park into a multipurpose retail and recreational centre, and a community’s fierce opposition to it.

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date: 22nd May 2016

tags: Activism, Environment, Politics

This Changes Everything

Directed by Avi Lewis, “This Changes Everything” is a powerful call to act on the challenge of climate change. At its core, it contains a message of empowerment: that is, the capacity for the world to confront climate change by transforming the world’s failed economic system into something better.

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date: 1st May 2016

tags: Activism, Politics


We’ve released “The Enemy Within” a day early to coincide with May Day. No experts. No politicians. Thirty years on, this is the raw first-hand experience of those who lived through Britain’s longest strike.

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date: 5th Feb 2016

tags: Activism, Environment, Interview


Producer Trish Lake talks about her film “Frackman”, and her career as a producer of both documentaries and feature films.

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date: 7th Jan 2016

tags: Activism, Environment, Humanities, Politics


Sundance Best Documentary nominated film How to Change the World” tracks the Greenpeace story harking back to a group of comrades who set sail into the Bering Sea to stop nuclear testing on islands west of Alaska in 1971. Amongst them; Vancouver Sun columnist Bob Hunter, a media-savvy journo who had brought his 16mm camera to document their voyage. Hunter captured the whole expedition on film from the regular maintenance of their vessel to when they encountered Nixon’s galleys.

>> Watch “How to Change the World” now.


date: 17th Dec 2015

tags: Activism, Documentary, Environment, Law, Politics, Science


Australia will soon become the world’s biggest gas exporter as more than 30,000 ‘fracked’ wells are sunk in the state of Queensland alone. ‘The Frackman’, a.k.a. Dayne Pratzky, is an activist standing up to coal seam gas conglomerates who demand the right to drill wells on private farmland. Along with others in the community wanting to keep mining away from land where they’re planning to build new homes, Dayne soon realises they have no legal rights to prevent fracking on their own land.






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