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date: 26th Feb 2016

tags: Documentary, Music

19 years in the making, “The Wrecking Crew” tells the story of the musicians behind the stars. You may not have heard their names, but you’ve heard them play. And now it’s their turn in the spotlight.

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The Wrecking Crew

Behind some of the biggest artists and the greatest hits of the 60s and 70s were “The Wrecking Crew”, a group of sessional musicians who provided the backing instrumentation (and even sometimes played on behalf of the band!) for some of the biggest groups in pop music history. The Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Cher, Elvis…they worked with them all.

Here, for the first time, they have their voice – talking about the crafting of iconic albums and hits like The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” album and the iconic “Mr Tambourine Man” sung by The Byrds, among many others. They were a highly skilled, in-demand group of the best musicians, much admired within the industry, but basically unknown outside it. Some former “Wrecking Crew” members even went on to solo glory, like one of their most notable alumni – country singer Glen Campbell, interviewed extensively here.The entire Wrecking Crew was recognised for their contributions when they were inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in 2007.

The film was a labour of love for first-time director Denny Tedesco, who is the son of one of the original Wrecking Crew guitarists, Tommy Tedesco. Denny Tedesco invested $500,000 of his own money into the making of the documentary, with another $300,000 raised later on Kickstarter.  Although “The Wrecking Crew” first entered the festival circuit to widespread critical and audience acclaim in 2008, it did not become generally available until 2015, and the last of the music rights were finally cleared. But the wait was well worth it. Great stories, a killer soundtrack – “The Wrecking Crew” is the perfect film for all music lovers.

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