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date: 22nd Sep 2016

tags: Documentary, Food

We all know that coffee is one of the most wonderful things on the planet. And yet there is such a thing as the perfect coffee. In “Barista”, five top barista finds themselves trying to create that perfect coffee. But here’s the catch: they’re competing, and even one mistake is one too many.

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We all love our coffee. But these baristas give that love a new meaning. “Barista” tracks the journeys of five top baristas, as they find themselves switching their love for coffee into competitive mode. This is the National Barista Championship, where baristas find themselves pushing the limits of coffee perfection under super demanding conditions. Once a year, every year, thousands of baristas square off in competitions around the U.S., but only one will be the best and become the National Champion. Here, the stakes are so high that even one mistake – even as trivial as a drop of water on the coffee machine’s grill  – will cost them everything.

“Barista” is a fast-paced, surprisingly emotional, and often humorous look into a world where outsiders rarely get a look in, despite our shared love of coffee. It is a love letter to the beloved drink, and the artistry that goes into making it. We’re taken into this world as seen through the eyes of these loveable and quirky baristas, whose love for coffee is so passionate that it has seen them devote their lives to it. They’re sick of people thinking that this is just a stepping stone to another career. This is their career and this is their passion, and “Barista” helps us to see why they chose to do what they do as we get to know the lives, friends, families, and ambitions of the people behind it all. They take us beyond the drink and shine a light on a unique world very few of us ever knew existed. And in this highly competitive environment, one where the stakes are so high, we start to take this universally beloved beverage seriously – as they do. Think you know good coffee? Think again. These baristas know better.

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Written by Tara Janus





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