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date: 2nd Jun 2014

tags: Biography, Fashion

“Premiere” is a feature length documentary about the Australian fashion designer Kym Ellery. A human interest piece portrayed with an artistic perspective, the honest portrayal is part biopic and chronicles her debut at Paris Fashion Week.

La Premiere

If you love documentaries about style, design and fashion, this is the perfect pick for you. Kym Ellery, the edgy Aussie designer, is making waves internationally with her unique sense of style. Her career has suffered a few ups and downs – notably when she was in a legal dispute with Australian department store Myer over exclusivity rights to her brand – but when she is one of the few Australians given the chance to debut a collection at Paris Fashion Week, the future is looking bright. But organizing such a big show takes a lot of work.

“I love films, I love music, and I love art, and they’re the three things I’m constantly finding inspiration from.” Ellery and her friends and colleagues paint a detailed picture of the life of a fashion designer, revealing great insights into the industry, and into the design process. The documentary is also filmed in luscious black and white, a strong aesthetic to match its subject matter.

If you loved films such as “The September Issue” and “About Face“, “Premiere” should be the next film on your to-see list!

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