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date: 29th Jan 2014

tags: Biography, Crime, Culture, Fiction Film

“Michael Howe leaves Ned Kelly for dead” says director Brendan Cowell…and watching this tale of rebellion, love and treachery, we believe him.
Outlaw Michael Howe

1814. Van Diemen’s Land, the notorious British penal colony, has dissolved into chaos. Outlaws roaming the wilderness have pushed the colonial government to breaking point.

Driven by a deep sense of loyalty and an unquenchable hatred towards those he once served, English convict Michael Howe and a young aboriginal girl turn a desperate band of convicts, deserters and bushmen into a fearsome guerrilla army and lead them in open rebellion against the brutal, corrupt establishment. An epic story of love and betrayal, “The Outlaw Michael Howe” chronicles the astonishing true story of the man who pushed Australia to the brink of civil war.

It’s extraordinary that Michael Howe’s name has disappeared into relative obscurity in the history books, while the names of other outlaws and bushrangers have lived on. Ned Kelly, Mad Dog Morgan, Captain Thunderbolt – they’ve all had their place in legend (and on the screen). Now it’s Howe’s turn. And his tale is brought to us by Brendan Cowell – best known for his acting in “The Slap” and “The Borgias” among others – but proving his directing abilities with this great directing debut.

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