date: 30th May 2016

tags: Documentary, Environment


“Chasing Ice” is the story of an environmental photographer’s mission to bring the reality of climate change to the public and thereby change the course of history for the better.

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date: 26th May 2016

tags: Activism


Filmed over three years and amassing more than 250 hours of footage, “The Triangle Wars” presents the story of a plan to develop a community’s beloved foreshore car-park into a multipurpose retail and recreational centre, and a community’s fierce opposition to it.

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date: 23rd May 2016

tags: Film, News

Ken Loach Palm d'Or

Ken Loach takes out the Palm D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for the second time with his film “I, Daniel Blake.” Celebrate the work of this iconic director with Beamafilm.

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date: 22nd May 2016

tags: Activism, Environment, Politics

This Changes Everything

Directed by Avi Lewis, “This Changes Everything” is a powerful call to act on the challenge of climate change. At its core, it contains a message of empowerment: that is, the capacity for the world to confront climate change by transforming the world’s failed economic system into something better.

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date: 19th May 2016

tags: Art, Culture, Documentary

Peggy Guggenheim

In “Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict”, award-winning French director Lisa Immordino Vreeland’s paints an intimate portrait of one of modern art’s most influential patrons. The film documents the life of Peggy Guggenheim, a woman who used her inherited fortune to create one of the greatest collections of twentieth-century art.

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date: 16th May 2016

tags: Food

City of Gold

“City of Gold” charts the journey of Pulitzer-Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold as he explores the culinary world of his beloved Los Angeles. Fuelled by a passionate curiosity and a stunning intellect, Gold unearths the hidden mysteries of Los Angeles’ underground culinary culture one meal at a time.

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date: 13th May 2016

tags: Food, News, War

Make Hummus Not War

May the 13th is International Hummus Day. So tonight, grab your crackers and dip and check out “Make Hummus Not War” which asks – could  a regional love of hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East?

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date: 12th May 2016

tags: Adventure, Drama, Sport


National pride and Olympic gold await those that manage to climb the infamous North Face of the Eiger Mountain. However, attempts to scale the North Face’s unrelenting wall of ice and snow have ended in death. No one has yet been successful in reaching its summit. And yet the challenge to conquer the North Face is the aspiration of many of Europe’s best mountain climbers, and is a challenge taken up by two German climbers.

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date: 9th May 2016

tags: Environment, Society


Life Off Grid is a two-year journey exploring the lives of Canadians in every province and territory who have made the choice to disconnect. Life Off Grid is a film about people who have chosen to build their lives around renewable energy, with beautiful, inspiring, and often challenging results.

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date: 7th May 2016

tags: Family


Spend some quality time with your mum this Mother’s Day, and watch a great film from the Beamafilm catalogue such as Advanced Style, Punjabi Love Story, Stories We Tell or Girl Clock.






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