date: 30th Jul 2015

tags: Documentary, Politics


Gordon Graham has 100 acres of land in West Auckland, home to his car wrecking business and a community of largely destitute men who camp on the property. It is a community and a place fondly known as “Gordonia”. But according to the local council, it is also a “designated scenic area”.

date: 27th Jul 2015

tags: Documentary, Music

Stones in the Park

“The Stones in the Park” is one the most legendary concerts in rock’n’roll history. Now, you can see it for yourself. “The Stones in the Park” was a free outdoor concert held in Hyde Park on the 5th of July, 1969, to introduce the Rolling Stones’s new guitarist Mick Taylor. It was the first Stones concert in two years.

date: 24th Jul 2015

tags: Health, Information

That Sugar Film

See the film that’s making waves across the world. “That Sugar Film” asks the question – do you really know what’s in your ‘healthy’ food? “That Sugar Film” is one man’s journey to discover the bitter truth about sugar.


date: 21st Jul 2015

tags: Documentary, Humanities


Is the modern education system really the best way to learn? Director of WE FEED THE WORLD, Erwin Wagenhofer, approaches the subject of education much more comprehensively and radically then is usually the case. Almost all discussions of education limit themselves to considering forms of competitive schooling, in which performance is celebrated above all else. Wagenhofer, by way of contrast, pursues the thought-structures behind this: what we learn shapes our reserves of knowledge, but it is how we learn that shapes our way of thinking.

date: 16th Jul 2015

tags: Drama, War


In the lawless Pashtun tribal areas of Pakistan lies Darra Adam Khel, a town where the local industry is the handcrafting of firearms. It has been this way since long before the “War on Terror”. Eleven-year-old Niaz Alfridi works with his gunsmith father Sher Alam, learning how to make and test weapons. A former mujahideen, Sher Alam expects his only son to carry on the family business, but Niaz has different ideas—he wants to go to school.

date: 14th Jul 2015

tags: Art, Documentary, Environment, History, Society


This week we have another film from legendary doco director Wim Wenders (Buena Vista Social Club). In The Salt Of The Earth we follow photographer Sebastião Salgado over a 40 year journey as he travels the world to discover the very best and very worst our humanity has to offer.

date: 7th Jul 2015

tags: Documentary, Environment, Politics


We hear so much about how our environment is suffering and how everyday, global warming is becoming more and more of an issue that we need to address. But how did we get here? A Crude Awakening looks into the cost of our most valuable, non-renewable resource and the effects it has on us economically, environmentally and socially.





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