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date: 7th Nov 2017

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The 12 O’Clock Boys are a notorious urban dirt bike pack in Baltimore — popping wheelies and weaving through traffic, the group impressively evades the hamstrung police. In Lotfy Nathan’s wild, dynamic documentary, their stunning antics are envisioned through the eyes of young adolescent Pug – a bright kid from the Westside obsessed with the riders and willing to do anything to join their ranks.

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12 O'Clock Boys directed by Lofty Nathan

The debut feature of director Lofty Nathan, Nathan followed his subject Pug for over three years. On the streets of Baltimore, joining a dirt bike gang gives troubled boys a feeling of belonging and purpose. It’s a dangerous sport, both for the many injuries possible from performing dangerous stunts, and for the police attention it receives.

So why are they called the 12 O’Clock Boys? Because they can perform extraordinary stunts on their dirt bikes – namely, a wheelie so steep the bike is 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground.

Winner of 4 awards and with a stunning 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, check out this fantastic documentary today.

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